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Product name : Diosaur Train Tiny Mascot
Product No. : AMT0650
Price : Stock Promotion
Material : EVA poly foam with fur plush
Includes : head+body piece with wings+shoes+small cooling fan
Size : S/M/L/XL
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 Click below picture for Train Character Tiny mascot video


S: 160-170cm (5`3"-- 5`7"), 50kg-65kg (110lbs-140lbs)

M: 170-175cm (5`7"-- 5`9"), 60kg-70kg (130lbs-150lbs)

L: 175-180cm (5`9"-- 5`11"), 65kg-75kg (140lbs-165lbs)

XL: 180-185cm (5`11"-- 6`1"), 75kg-85kg(165lbs-185lbs)


This fun, lovable deluxe Dinosaur Train Tiny mascot costume makes you vivid and the material is quite comfortable. The mascot is shaped by environmental friendly foam all covered with plush with interior lining, fixed plastic helmet to stable and protect head. The sole of the feet part is made of water-proof, skip-proof durable materials. Minor size modifications can be made at no charge.

 A lightweight, durable, professional quality mascot costume that lasts for years! What makes this mascot unique is its patented softhead construction technique which allows for a realistic look and attention to detail so important in today s mascots. The softhead design also allows for this mascot costume to be very lightweight and breathable, which in turn extends the wearing time of the costume by reducing fatigue. It also offers greater mobility which allows for better interaction with the crowds!

 Advantage: with lovely and funny images, they can instantly attract people’s attention to your movement, exhibitions, promotions and big events. They will increase your brand value and affinity in an easily approachable way

 Applications: Mascot costumes can be used by Entertainers, Theme Parks, Exhibitions, Kids Wonderlands, Pedestrian Streets, Church Organizations, School, Product Promotions, Sports Team, Openings, Wedding Ceremonies, Kindergartens and Public Benefit Events.  

 Durability: With proper care and cleaning a mascot costume should last 3 or 4 years depending on use.  If a costume is used 2 or 3 times a week we suggest a second costume be purchased so that you can always have a clean costume. Alternating costumes also extends the wear. Your logo can be added on the mascot, you can send us your artwork for customizing or just tell us a brief idea about mascot you want to have, useful suggestions would be offered based on our years of experience, amendment on the standard product to suit your needs available also

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